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The Science of How to Learn Anything

Some time ago I introduced a post offering advice for serious readers by bemoaning the fact that in all my years as a student I never once had a teacher who spoke in any detail about how to read and study … Continue reading

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A Dose of Good Drug News

There’s evidence that Shakespeare used cannabis and even cocaine—not to mention that ubiquitous drug, alcohol—in the course of his life and work. Check out this article for an overview, including a fun rundown of some of the plays that feature drugs. The author points out … Continue reading

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Mapping and Touring Your Microbiome

The Invisible Universe of the Human Microbiome? Not for long. That once uncharted and invisible territory is now being brought to light, as this little tour of our microbiome shows. The emerging map is becoming a powerful tool (as food and drugs already are) for mindfully modifying the microbiome in … Continue reading

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Meet Your Homunculus

There are so many perspectives from which we can see ourselves. Have you seen yourself from this one?  This dysmorphic dude is a representation of the body found within our brains.  Here’s the map by which he was made. The … Continue reading

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Groupthink in Theoretical Physics and Beyond

I recently read Lee Smolin’s excellent book, The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next. Highly recommended for anyone interested in a sophisticated nontechnical account of the current state of physics, … Continue reading

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On Second Thought . . . Hilarious

In an earlier post I suggested that dogs needn’t be bathed before letting them play with kids. (Give those microbes a chance to glom onto your kids!) I still think that’s usually true, especially in first world countries where dogs … Continue reading

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Breathe Deep the Dog and Be Well

If you wait long enough, conventional scientific wisdom often reverses itself. For a long time, the conventional wisdom was that if you wanted to remain healthy, you needed to avoid exposing yourself to germs or microbes generally. Doctors and pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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