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Autumn Equinox 2013: The Seasons of Life

Sunday, September 22nd was the autumnal equinox, the day when the sun appears to cross the celestial equator on its way south to the tropic of capricorn. The winter solstice marks the sun’s arrival at this southernmost point on its … Continue reading

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We’ve all noticed that yawns seem contagious.┬áNo doubt most readers recall a few occasions when, after the yawns have spread around the room, their contagious character becomes the topic of conversation. It will come as no surprise, then, that researchers … Continue reading

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The Pleasure of Aktis Eating (in the Shadow of Death)

For Erda and her friends, in memoriam The way Aktis relished his dinner last night made me so unreasonably happy that this morning I want to share a little of my pleasure with you, if I can. It may be … Continue reading

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Dog Dharma Talk of the Day

One good Billy Collins poem deserves another. (His first line must allude to Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s great dog poem, “Dog.”) Alas, I’m afraid Collins is right to imply that even dogs don’t quite manage to escape karma and the wheel of … Continue reading

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