On Second Thought . . . Hilarious

In an earlier post I suggested that dogs needn’t be bathed before letting them play with kids. (Give those microbes a chance to glom onto your kids!) I still think that’s usually true, especially in first world countries where dogs are so well cared for. But where there’s a rule, there’s also usually an exception that proves the rule.

In this case, the exception proves the rule by making us ask—before we play with him— where the dog has been, and what, specifically, the dog has been doing. Enjoy the next 103 seconds, as you Look how dat boy mind me! Joby and Lonnie at the beach(It is hilarious, in a vulgar sort of way.)

Oh, and note the circling behavior, in which our hero gracefully aligns himself with the planet’s north-south axis of magnetic force just before…. (Recent research suggests that “Dogs are sensitive to small variations of the Earth’s magnetic field.”)

Hat tip: Graham Gordy, for sending me this video (under this note: “may be the best dog training video I’ve seen”).

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