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Black Coffee and Cigarettes

A couple of friends recently visited for a few days. One of them has a life-long love affair with coffee and hand-rolled cigarettes. Ever polite, he refused our offer to smoke on our deck or screened-in porch. Instead, he set … Continue reading

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Meditation of the Day: On Friendship

Aristotle is emphatic on the point: friends thrive on being-together (sunousia) and suffer from separation. With such thoughts in mind, I found this notion of Walter Benjamin’s stimulating and provoking, in the very best sense. Friendship…does not abolish distance between … Continue reading

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A Question About the Value of Wilderness

Over the years I’ve had colleagues and even some friends who’ve pressed me on the question of why a philosopher—why any human being who’s serious about the life of mind and spirit—should give much time and attention to wilderness. (Please … Continue reading

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A Found Poem about Friendship

I recently picked up a used copy of The Norton Book of Friendship, edited by Eudora Welty/Ronald A. Sharp. Here’s the inscription I found penned in elegant cursive on the first, blank page—transcribed exactly as written. “Friendship is a miracle … Continue reading

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A Touching Campaign on Behalf of Stray Dogs

During a visit to Athens I was struck and dismayed by the many stray dogs wandering the streets, looking for leavings, handouts, or someone to follow home. I was so moved by the experience that I began the first draft … Continue reading

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