About My Book

I offer here some items related to my book, Willing Dogs & Reluctant Masters: On Friendship and Dogs, published in 2012 by Paul Dry Books. You can also find (and like) the book on Facebook.com/willingdogs.

If you do like the book, you can help it along in the world by telling others about it. Better yet, you can review it at Amazon, Goodreads, the New York Times, or even the New Yorker, if you’ve got those connections! Not to mention Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Zimbabwe’s Daily News, Toronto’s Globe and Mail, Germany’s Der Spiegel,  Britain’s The Guardian, India’s Dainik Jagran, or China’s China Daily. Wherever you are, be my guest!

Book Reviews

1. Excerpt of a note to the author, from acclaimed author Donald McCaig:

Willing dogs & Reluctant Masters is the first fully intelligent, dog savvy, systematic examination of the human dog connection since Vicki Hearne’s Adam’s Task. For owners and dogs alike; it is an important book. As a bonus, it’s great fun. I can’t recalll the last time I read a dog book twice.  Yours, I’ll reread.

2. Diana Schaub, “Dog’s Best Friend” in The New Atlantis (Winter/Spring 2013). An in-depth review, including a great overview of the book’s themes.

2.5. Diana Schaub’s review of my book gets a post (“Can We Really Be Friends with Dogs?”) on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Dish. (Nov. 3rd, 2013.)

3. Eva Brann, “The Rehabilitation of Spiritedness” in The St. John’s Review (Spring 2013). If you’re an imaginative conservative (and even if you’re not), you can also read it online, here.

4. Dawn Marcus, M.D. “Willing Dogs & Reluctant Masters Book Review“, in Fit As Fido (November 2012).

Selected Conversations and Interviews

1. A lively half-hour conversation with Dr. Bernadine Cruz, host of The Pet Doctor.


2. A longer and more in-depth discussion with KMO, interviewer and host of the wide-ranging C-Realm podcast (the “C” stands for consciousness). KMO entitled it “Embracing Your Own Authority”, which aptly reflects the heart of our conversation.



In February 2014, I was invited to give a lecture at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The lecture—”Spirited Friends: on dogs and friendship”—focuses on themes related to my book, and is just under an hour long. To listen to it on Youtube, click on the link below.



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