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Understatement of the Day

The following quote is from Ani Tenzin Palmo’s book, Reflections on a Mountain Lake.  Tenzin Palmo is a Tibetan Buddhist nun. [Attaining perfect Buddhahood in the Mahayana tradition] takes three and a half incalculable aeons.  Now an aeon is an immensely long … Continue reading

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Dung Beetles Steer by Starlight

“Dung beetles steer by starlight” is the headline of a recent article in Science News; the subtitle is Nocturnal insects orient using Milky Way, experiments show. Will wonders never cease?  First, there’s the wonder that beetles use celestial navigation. Instead … Continue reading

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The Virtues of Negative Feedback

Recently I set a woman’s hair on fire. I was a guest on her radio talk show to discuss my book, Willing Dogs & Reluctant Masters: On Friendship and Dogs. This host—unlike some other hosts whose shows I’ve appeared on—had actually read … Continue reading

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Meditation of the Day

Here’s a beautiful poem by Galway Kinnell I recently came across. Good to start the week with a reminder that blessings unfold from within. St. Francis and the Sow The bud stands for all things, even those things that don’t flower, … Continue reading

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Arthur C. Clarke on Writing

In his preface to the second in a quartet of Rama novels, Arthur C. Clarke explains how what he once found unthinkable—collaborating with another writer on a work of fiction—came to pass. (“I was quite sure I would never let … Continue reading

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New Study on Dogs and Wolves, Ctd: Kathryn Lord Replies

Kathryn Lord, whose study I discussed in a recent post, has generously (and patiently) replied to my several questions.  This post will assume familiarity with the earlier post. There are three basic questions I had after reading her paper. The first … Continue reading

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