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On Resisting Cloud-y Transparency

Little did I know how literally and therefore stupidly Apple would take the motto of my last post, that the best protection is transparency.  But first the backstory. In the early days, there were two grand and divergent ideas about … Continue reading

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A Found Poem about Friendship

I recently picked up a used copy of The Norton Book of Friendship, edited by Eudora Welty/Ronald A. Sharp. Here’s the inscription I found penned in elegant cursive on the first, blank page—transcribed exactly as written. “Friendship is a miracle … Continue reading

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“Your Work Is Shit”: Steve Jobs on Negative Feedback

Steve Jobs inspired fanatical loyalty among people who worked with him, but he was also famously difficult to work with. I remember thinking as I read Isaacson’s biography, “Yep, Jobs sure could be an asshole. Doesn’t appear to have been … Continue reading

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The Larger Meaning of Domestication

As a child I remember feeling guilty when I learned that my dog had been domesticated. Later, I remember friends and I worrying that marriage would domesticate us. Being domesticated sounded a little like being neutered: it was something others … Continue reading

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Since I Know You’re not Interested in Philosophy’s Apology…

How about this instead? Imagine a slim, sultry and scantily clad young woman in front of a computer screen. She’s logged on to check the status of her account.  The computer’s feminine voice reports there has been no activity. The woman … Continue reading

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