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Syphilis, Hypnotism, Buddhism, and the History of Psychology

Lately I’ve been reading Ronald Comer’s textbook on abnormal psychology. Needless to say, it’s a very big book. The author classifies many theories and therapies according to whether they adopt a somatogenic or psychogenic approach to mental illness. In other … Continue reading

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Stand Up or Die

I’ve got a challenge for you. It came about thus. Watching a somewhat stiff Aktis lift himself onto his legs from lying on the ground reminded me of when Kestra started showing the same sad stiffness of motion, the inescapable … Continue reading

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Self-Mastery and the Eastern Path

In the last post in this series (which starts here, and continues here), I said the animal and spiritual sides of our nature disagree about what happiness is and, by extension, about what way of life is best. I concluded … Continue reading

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The Marvel of Your Breath

A common instruction for meditation practice is to “follow the breath.” For me at least, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Try the experiment yourself. Sit up straight, close your eyes, and for just a minute or two focus … Continue reading

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On the Body

Though I don’t follow basketball, I have preceded it. The athletic director at the college where I teach has a long tradition of inviting a faculty member to deliver an annual lecture on this, the opening day of March Madness. … Continue reading

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Poseurs, Imitators, Fakers, and Thieves: A Hindu Teaching Story

I love the story that theoretical physicist Dr. Amit Goswami told during his conversation with Joe Rogan. Rogan was ranting about the poseurs who get into spiritual practices like yoga and meditation to impress others (the guys do it to … Continue reading

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The Virtues of Vomiting

I intensely dislike throwing up. I assume that’s a feeling shared by most of us.  In particular—don’t worry, I won’t get too particular—I dislike vomiting because from my earliest experience it’s associated with sickness: stomach flus; seasickness; and later, of … Continue reading

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