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(Felony) Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween.  Enjoy! Advertisements

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Annals of the Obvious

In an earlier post about a scientific study showing that “the absence of reward produces inequity aversion in dogs”, I leapt from the claims of the carefully worded abstract to more freighted language: from “inequity aversion” to “justice matters” and … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy (“An Incredible Day in Meteorological History”)

That’s what Greg Carbin of NOAA has said of Hurricane Sandy.  He made this cool animation of the storm’s pressure field.  I found it at the Washington Post’s liveblog.  As the post’s author, Jason Samenow, observes, the video “offers a … Continue reading

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The Deeds of Great Athletes

I don’t know exactly what’s going through his mind, but whatever it may be, it’s clearly not an obstacle to performing under pressure!  And, just as the friend who sent me the link pointed out, it’s obvious he’s loving every … Continue reading

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The Minds of Great Athletes

When I was in high school, nothing mattered more to me than running, and nothing was a greater source of exaltation, anxiety, and depression—often in quick succession.  Those who are runners don’t need me to gloss that part of “exaltation” … Continue reading

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Bonneville Salt Flats: Candidate for Worst “Pet Area” Ever

In July, headed west on I-80, we stopped briefly at the Bonneville Salt Flats rest area, which is west of the Great Salt Lake, in northwestern Utah.  Driving through this harsh, hot, desolate and inhospitable stretch of land, thoughts strayed … Continue reading

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The National Sheepdog Finals, Part IV.

In my final post about my trip to the National Sheepdog Finals, I promised to say something about the sheep. (Here are links to earlier posts, parts III, II, I.) Before actually watching the trials, it hadn’t occurred to me … Continue reading

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