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The Search for the Academy (or, the Idleness of Philosophy)

Imagine you majored in philosophy in college, discovered the wonders of Plato and Aristotle in graduate school, and received your PhD in philosophy. You’ve been teaching for awhile, and one summer you, your spouse, and a good friend travel to … Continue reading

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The Abuse of Philosophy

I imagine most readers have moments like the one I had earlier this morning: you’re engrossed in a book and then the author makes a remark, or several, that requires you to put the book down, take a few deep … Continue reading

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An Incredible Visualization of Musical Form

Composer and computer programmer Stephen Malinowski’s Music Animation Machine displays Isaac Albéniz’s Asturias (Leyenda) as beautiful, moving, absolutely mesmerizing form. Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish blog.

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Boss Has a Contract on His Head

Just in case you think the war on drugs can’t get any crazier or further extend its range of victims, check this out: The Sun newspaper reports that a gang in Rio de Janeiro has put out a “death order” on … Continue reading

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Your Moment of Zen

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities; in the expert’s mind there are few.  Shunryu Suzuki I concluded an earlier post, Annals of the Obvious, by saying that sometimes the obvious place to begin in one’s observations and reflections is … Continue reading

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1937 – 2012: The Beginning of the End

After 75 years of prohibition, last night the voters in Washington state and Colorado came to their senses and voted to legalize cannabis.  This is an historic first step toward ending 75 years of a misguided and unjust war on … Continue reading

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