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How to Take Criticism

We all have to deal with criticism, whether we asked for it or not. Writers and artists are in the especially tough and tender spot of needing critics in order to get their work noticed, which means they are inevitably … Continue reading

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On Hunting Morels and Other Elusive Critters

We live in the sort of place morels also like to live, coniferous forests. This is a very happy coincidence. But we’re not so special, as it turns out the habitats of morels are as diverse—as polymorphic—as are their forms. We do, however, … Continue reading

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A Birthday Appreciation

My dog Aktis celebrated his tenth birthday by treating himself to the naughty pleasure of a nap on our bed. I found him fast asleep, head on my pillow, and curled in a fetal position. Until recently, Aktis has never been … Continue reading

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Training Tip #13

  In its appendix I set out 20 training tips gathered from various places in my book.  Here’s #13, which, as you can see, grew out of my own experience: 13. Make imaginative use of props. For example, if the dog … Continue reading

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Two Metaphors for the Trained Mind

In earlier posts (here and here) I quoted some metaphors meditation masters use to describe the normally distracted and afflicted condition of our untrained monkey minds. Well, then, how to describe that other, more unusual, experience of a trained mind? There are … Continue reading

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