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Joni Mitchell on the Advantages of Solitude

I like to just kind of free-agent it. I always was a loner. I like walking around in cities by myself. I can see things better. I mean, I’ve had some companions that I’m comfortable enough or compatible enough that … Continue reading

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The Science of How to Learn Anything

Some time ago I introduced a post offering advice for serious readers by bemoaning the fact that in all my years as a student I never once had a teacher who spoke in any detail about how to read and study … Continue reading

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Syphilis, Hypnotism, Buddhism, and the History of Psychology

Lately I’ve been reading Ronald Comer’s textbook on abnormal psychology. Needless to say, it’s a very big book. The author classifies many theories and therapies according to whether they adopt a somatogenic or psychogenic approach to mental illness. In other … Continue reading

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On Hunting Morels and Other Elusive Critters

We live in the sort of place morels also like to live, coniferous forests. This is a very happy coincidence. But we’re not so special, as it turns out the habitats of morels are as diverse—as polymorphic—as are their forms. We do, however, … Continue reading

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Two Metaphors for the Trained Mind

In earlier posts (here and here) I quoted some metaphors meditation masters use to describe the normally distracted and afflicted condition of our untrained monkey minds. Well, then, how to describe that other, more unusual, experience of a trained mind? There are … Continue reading

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A Dose of Good Drug News

There’s evidence that Shakespeare used cannabis and even cocaine—not to mention that ubiquitous drug, alcohol—in the course of his life and work. Check out this article for an overview, including a fun rundown of some of the plays that feature drugs. The author points out … Continue reading

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Mapping and Touring Your Microbiome

The Invisible Universe of the Human Microbiome? Not for long. That once uncharted and invisible territory is now being brought to light, as this little tour of our microbiome shows. The emerging map is becoming a powerful tool (as food and drugs already are) for mindfully modifying the microbiome in … Continue reading

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