Training Tip #13

Imaginative uses for stumps

An imaginative use for stumps


In its appendix I set out 20 training tips gathered from various places in my book.  Here’s #13, which, as you can see, grew out of my own experience:

13. Make imaginative use of props. For example, if the dog tends to move from a stay when your back is turned, then put him at a curb, on a step or picnic table, or other boundary that enforces staying put.

If I wrote this now, living as we do in the mountains, I’d add “stump” to the list of props. In any event, I took this picture a few days ago, on the eve of Aktis’s 10th birthday. As I often do, I’d had him hop onto a stump, then told him to “Stay!” while I went off and hid a stick in the woods. And that’s what I saw when I returned: my dear, eager, and slightly comical Aktis perched (still!) on the stump, ready to launch off and “Seek!” out the stick as soon as I gave him the command.  We were playing a version of a game I describe here. Oh, and by the way, as he would be the first to point out, he most certainly did find said stick. And promptly, too.

I’ve also written a post about Training Tip #17.

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