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Aktis R.I.P.

On this thanksgiving day I want to share the story of the death of a great and beloved dog. Some readers will know Aktis from earlier posts or from my book. He was an 85-pound German shepherd; we brought home on … Continue reading

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Bow of the Day

When everything exists within your big mind, all dualistic relationships drop away. There is no distinction between heaven and earth, man and woman, teacher and disciple. Sometimes a man bows to a woman; sometimes a woman bows to a man. … Continue reading

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Speaking (on the Ethers) of Friendship and Dogs

There is no recipe for good conversations, but it sure helps if ingredients such as open-mindedness, curiosity, good will, and hermeneutic charity are in the mix. Conversations lacking these may be wildly entertaining, but—as all of us who listen to talk … Continue reading

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