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Self-Mastery and the Eastern Path

In the last post in this series (which starts here, and continues here), I said the animal and spiritual sides of our nature disagree about what happiness is and, by extension, about what way of life is best. I concluded … Continue reading

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The Virtue of Skepticism (It’s Not What Skeptics Imagine It Is)

We’re all skeptical from time to time, but some of us make a profession of it. In particular, many scientists, philosophers, and intellectuals proudly embrace skepticism as though it were an end in itself. It is not. Here is a … Continue reading

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Annals of the Obvious

In an earlier post about a scientific study showing that “the absence of reward produces inequity aversion in dogs”, I leapt from the claims of the carefully worded abstract to more freighted language: from “inequity aversion” to “justice matters” and … Continue reading

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Justice also Matters to Monkeys and Dogs

Attribute to dogs a capacity to discriminate between just and unjust actions, and you’re likely to be accused of anthropomorphizing dogs, or worse. That’s still the general consensus in dog circles, owing largely to the influence of classical behaviorism. (Why … Continue reading

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