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Aktis R.I.P.

On this thanksgiving day I want to share the story of the death of a great and beloved dog. Some readers will know Aktis from earlier posts or from my book. He was an 85-pound German shepherd; we brought home on … Continue reading

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The Pleasure of Aktis Eating (in the Shadow of Death)

For Erda and her friends, in memoriam The way Aktis relished his dinner last night made me so unreasonably happy that this morning I want to share a little of my pleasure with you, if I can. It may be … Continue reading

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The Pleasure of Seeing Heedless Aktis Grow Heedful

Oh, the joys of paying attention!  Recently I saw a decisive sign that my German shepherd Aktis is growing wiser as he grows older. To put what I saw in context, you need to know that Aktis is a good … Continue reading

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Aktis Is Getting His Groove Back

Just a quick post to let his well-wishers know that Aktis is steadily regaining his strength, and his attitude.  He dares you to try and take that stick out of his mouth!  Very good to see his eager, spirited self … Continue reading

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OR-7: A Lone Wolf’s Story

On a quiet Sunday morning last summer I saw my first wolf in the wild. I was near the end of a long trail run when I noticed him gazing steadily at me from a grassy clearing about 15 meters off … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice 2014

Yesterday was the summer solstice. Though I ordinarily post something on the day of the equinoxes and solstices, yesterday I abandoned all to-dos and surrendered to the sweet idleness of the longest day of the year. In our corner of Oregon the weather was beautiful: … Continue reading

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On Hunting Morels and Other Elusive Critters

We live in the sort of place morels also like to live, coniferous forests. This is a very happy coincidence. But we’re not so special, as it turns out the habitats of morels are as diverse—as polymorphic—as are their forms. We do, however, … Continue reading

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A Birthday Appreciation

My dog Aktis celebrated his tenth birthday by treating himself to the naughty pleasure of a nap on our bed. I found him fast asleep, head on my pillow, and curled in a fetal position. Until recently, Aktis has never been … Continue reading

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Training Tip #13

  In its appendix I set out 20 training tips gathered from various places in my book.  Here’s #13, which, as you can see, grew out of my own experience: 13. Make imaginative use of props. For example, if the dog … Continue reading

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On Giving Thanks

Most human traditions celebrate the harvest as a time of thanks giving. George Washington proclaimed the first nation-wide thanksgiving celebration in America marking November 26, 1789, “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with … Continue reading

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