Summer Solstice 2014

Yesterday was the summer solstice. Though I ordinarily post something on the day of the equinoxes and solstices, yesterday I abandoned all to-dos and surrendered to the sweet idleness of the longest day of the year. In our corner of Oregon the weather was beautiful: clear, mild, breezy, infinitely inviting. So after lunch the three of us set out on a long leisurely hike in the mountains where we live.

Along the way my wife told me of the wonderful response a Tibetan meditation master had to the question of why one should meditate: “Why meditate? To make the best of a bad situation.”

It was simple on this carefree first day of summer to make the best of a bad situation. Just ask Aktis who, appearances to the contrary, is actually lying in the last muddy pools of a seasonal lake.

Making the best of a good situation.

Aktis making the best of a very good muddy situation.

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