A Cosmologist Puts Family Life in Perspective

The universe as dirty rugby football

This map may look like a dirty rugby ball, but you children of cosmologists beware

An exciting new map of the universe has been made. How exciting?  Mr. George Efstathiou, an astrophysicist at the university of Cambridge, said at a scientific meeting in Paris that it

might look like a dirty rugby ball … but some cosmologists would have given up their children to get a copy of this map.

Trading the brats for a cosmic map! I admire Mr. Efstathiou’s frank expression of the madness that possesses theoretical souls. Of course, it can get you in trouble. Socrates was accused of being an irresponsible husband, father, and citizen. He basically admitted to neglecting these conventional roles for the sake of Philosophy. Glad to see the tradition is alive and well.

By the way, Mr. Efstathiou was reporting on the results of measurements taken (by a satellite named Planck) of the radiation left over after the big bang. The data helped produce a map of the universe that is marvelously precise and revealing, in addition to being quantifiably more desirable than some cosmologists’ children.

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